Lunchbox Blitz your school

More than just fundraising for schools

At Banjo’s we want to support the fantastic work being done in schools educating our kids about healthy eating and healthy lifestyle.  We believe it is important for all kids to know what is in the food they are eating, understand the nutritional factors and how they impact our bodies.  So, as well as being able to raise funds through our sponsorship program, we have some fun educational resources available for schools to use.

Why should your school get involved?

We know schools, sports clubs and sports teams play an important role in promoting healthy eating and physical activity for students and providing an environment that supports a healthy lifestyle.  A healthy diet can improve behaviours critical to educational success and performance at school, whilst effective school based nutrition and health interventions can also help improve academic performance.

Banjo’s Lunchbox Blitz provides schools with tools to help increase the number of healthy lunch boxes brought to school by students and teach our children the importance of healthy eating.

Supporting our schools

Each Banjo’s Bakery Cafe loves to work with schools throughout their local communities and by working together we can make good things happen.

There are fundraising opportunities, sponsorship opportunities at group and organisational levels PLUS support for teachers with learning and activities for kids in infant and primary school.

Being involved in the Lunchbox Blitz program you will receive access to learning tools to support your current curriculum including;

  • Food Fun Information card sets.
  • Interactive games for learning which increase memory, physical activity and knowledge.
  • Monthly competitions with great prizes to be won.
  • Banjo’s visits with tastings, hands on involvement and question time.
  • Opportunities to develop a relationship with your local Banjo’s to assist with fundraising.
  • Possible support for school breakfast programs.

If you’d like to get your school, sporting team or club involved, we’d love to hear from you.