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COVID-19 pandemic FAQs

All Banjo’s stores are open and our full menu is still available for you to takeaway or dine-in (depending on State law)!  There’s been a few changes made in-store to ensure the safety of our customers and employees. Click HERE to find out more about COVID-19 precautions and restrictions at your local Banjo’s bakery!

Everyday savings

Discover our EVERYDAY money saving deals with our Super Saver Deals.  Fantastic deals across our range including some of our most popular products!


Banjo’s Lunchbox Blitz

We want to help educate kids about nutrition, to learn what’s in their food, the importance of eating healthy and to opt for unpackaged snacks.  Find out more today!

Banjo’s – not all bread is created equal…

‘At Banjo’s you can taste the difference’ you will hear people say.  A Tasmanian ‘staple’ since 1984 and now with 44 bakeries across Australia, Banjo’s is home to the freshest and best tasting breads.   But, it’s not just bread – the range of delicious products extends to Sweet, Savoury, Salads and the highest quality coffee created by qualified baristas.  Join us and make Banjo’s part of your every day!

What’s the fuss about Ancient Grains?

Discover our Ancient Grain bread range and learn about all that goodness packed inside every Ancient Grain loaf!

Sunflower Finnen packed with energy

Packed solid with seeds and grains our Sunflower Finnen is a truly satisfying bread filled with a variety of healthy seeds and grains to make it an important part of your diet.

The importance of Wholegrains

Most Australians consume less than half the recommended quantity of wholegrain foods and too much of refined grain products

Sourdough goodness

Did you know, Sourdough breads contain lots of natural goodness particularly for digestive health and keeps you satisfied longer.  Add some of our PRESERVATIVE FREE sourdough to your diet today!