Banjo’s bakeries in major expansion

Banjo’s bakeries are in major expansion mode with great business opportunities available Australia wide.

The well-known Tasmanian business, Banjo’s Bakery Cafes is are expanding in 2017/18, with new Drive Thru stores opening in Tasmania, Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.

Established in 1984 Banjo’s Bakery Cafes currently has thirty-nine stores in Tasmania, Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland, with plans for forty new stores which include a Drive Thru stores model announced today.

Currently in Australia, people are looking for more convenient, healthier more convenient food options that are freshly made, food with local ingredients and the Banjo’s stores nationwide have experienced strong growth in recent years on the back of that trend.

Consumers have smartened up preferring healthier food, gone are the days of eating fat, greasy fast

Banjo’s Managing Director, Jessica Saxby said “with the expansion of the network underway the
company is looking for new franchisees to take a leap into being an entrepreneur and owning a

“Banj0’s are a successful Australian Bakery Cafe which has stood the test of time. The company
supports its franchisees with a well-known brand, business systems, marketing support and family business/team environment. Banj0’s employ a large number of Australians and provide in store training.”

“As a company we support Australian farmers, choosing a local Australian product over an
international product every where we can.” Ms Saxby said.

Small to medium businesses are the engine room of the Tasmanian economy, employing more
than 40% of the workforce and the state needs more businesses to create the wealth we need to
support our way of life and public services we depend on.

“The new Drive Thru stores will be very innovative, they will cater for the need of people to buy
healthier food quickly, whilst still having the products made fresh onsite daily by experienced bakers.”