About Us

About Us

Banjo’s is a successful Bakery Café franchise with over 45 stores currently across Tasmania, Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia, with more to open soon. Our delicious products are made by bakers who care about using the best ingredients. Our simple philosophy results in a large number of loyal customers, many who make a visit to Banjo’s part of their daily routine.
Our success is not just for our benefit. We have a strong community focus and are committed to give back what we can in the form of sponsorship and product donations to local community organisations. Banjo’s collectively gives away over two million dollars of product every year.

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Our Story

Banjo’s was founded in Tasmania in 1984 and has operated successfully since, growing to over 45 stores across Australia. The idea, unique at that time, was to provide a place which offered customers the opportunity to sit down and enjoy freshly baked breads and cakes or handmade treats for breakfast, lunch or a snack with a perfectly made coffee.
The food still is hand crafted, fresh each day and served in an environment which provides a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. We bake a superior loaf and our bread is still made the traditional way, preservative free, fresh, soft and delicious. From day one, customers were quick to respond to the Banjo’s experience – now, with more than 6.3 million customers visiting a Banjo’s store each year.
Today, Banjo’s has grown to over 45 stores – the growth has been a natural evolution. Slow enough to ensure we stay true to ourselves and our customers, but large enough to ensure the quality systems and processes are in place to provide a unique and memorable customer experience.

What we stand for

“Great food, made fresh each day ”
“Australian ingredients wherever possible”
“Supporting the local community”
“Our bread is baked fresh every day”
“Preservative free traditional & artisan bread ”

The Early Years

Some of our staff members that started with us at the beginning are still with us today. Marcel Schnitzer has been a constant figure at Banjo’s since the beginning and now heads up the Research and Development team and is responsible for many of the new recipes and production techniques for the network.

We asked him about the early years at Banjo’s…

“When we first started we sold lots of different kinds of pies and danishes. We would make danishes continuously through the day, sometimes 4-5 times a day. They sold so quickly they would go out the front still hot. The customers loved them. It’s the original recipe that we use today.” said Marcel, “Back then we had quite a few different flavours, we had a Cherry Danish and even a Fruit Mince Danish at Christmas time.” Marcel said “Our pies were really popular too. People loved them because they were different to the mass produced pies available then. Our pies were handmade and still are today, with our pastry being a customer favourite!”

Why do you think people liked Banjo’s so much?

“People simply love the food. They could go somewhere else but the products were not as fresh, they were cold and baked once in the morning and then just left sitting there.” Marcel explained, “At Banjo’s all our food was hot and fresh and we made it on the premises. People used to travel from near and far over just to taste our fresh, hot food.”

Why do you think people liked Banjo’s so much still today?

“For the same reason really. People simply love the food. Everyone who lives near a Banjo’s Bakery would have a Banjo’s moment – it’s a tradition, part of their everyday!”


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