Dough for the Drought

14 August 2018

Across our sunburnt country, farming communities are fighting the growing and devastating impact of severe drought.

They’ve been hit hard by prolonged dry weather, especially in NSW, the ACT and Queensland. We were shocked to learn that approximately 99% of NSW and 57% of Queensland is in drought.

Families are carrying a heavy burden – not only the ongoing struggle to make ends meet, but the despair of watching their livestock perish, and the isolation they feel.

We have a number of ways you can help! Continue reading “Banjo’s gets behind Aussie Farmers”

Banjo's opens in Sippy Downs

14 August 2018

Banjo’s is now at Sippy Downs on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.  In the centre of Sippy Downs, right near the Sunshine Coast University, Banjo’s Bakery Café has opened the doors of the franchise’s 40th store.

Open from 5am Banjo’s Sippy Downs offers a great range of breakfast and lunch options, freshly baked breads and sweet treats to keep customers coming back for more. Continue reading “Banjo’s 40th store opens in Queensland”

Banjo's arrives in Traralgon

10 July 2018

Exciting news for Traralgon business centre with Banjo’s Bakery Cafe opening a new store – the first in the Latrobe Valley. Founded in Tasmania in 1984, Banjo’s has developed from a single store to a network of bakery cafes across Australia.

In mid-May, the 39th Banjo’s store is opening in Traralgon, Victoria. The new store is franchised to Anthony and Rachel Drouggas who are well known locally and excited to now be a part of the successful Banjo’s network. Continue reading “Banjo’s arrives in Traralgon”

Banjo's franchise makes a splash on Sunshine Coast

June 20, 2017

NATASHA Turner had been itching to buy her own Banjo’s franchise after working with the bakery cafe in Tasmania for five years, and now she has her own at Warana.

The former Hobart resident and her partner Derek Armstrong picked up stumps and moved to the Sunshine Coast, opening the Coast’s second Banjo’s on Nicklin Way, Warana, last month.  The couple were mentored through Banjo’s aptly titled Self-Raising Program to grow their own business, and moved to Warana late last year.

Their new store is the company’s fifth in Queensland and adds another vibrant business to the shopping centre it shares with Mick’s Meat Barn and The Fruit Shed, taking over the tenancy formerly occupied by a fish and chip shop.  “It’s nice to get something else in here, to keep the centre going,” Ms Turner said.  “We’ve had a lot of compliments from people, (saying) that it was just what was needed.” Continue reading “Franchise makes a splash on Sunshine Coast”

GM5FK 2017

June 14, 2017

Are you ready to RUMBLE?

It’s the HUON VALLEY vs the DERWENT VALLEY in a mission to out fundraise each other for Give Me 5 For Kids!

The Dave Noonan Show for Breakfast on Hobart’s 107.3 Triple M kicked off this year’s battle between the Huon and Derwent Valley for GM5FK’s at Banjo’s Huonville yesterday with HUGE SUCCESS! The generosity of the Huon Community resulted in $9340 raised during the 3-hour live broadcast by Hobart 107.3 Triple M, making it a tough challenge for the Derwent Valley’s fundraising turn on the 27 June at Banjo’s New Norfolk between 6-9am.

The minimum is set! So, if you’re near Banjo’s New Norfolk on the 27 June, drop in and show your support!  Can the Derwent Valley beat the Huon???

Major expansion for franchise

June 1, 2017

Banjo’s bakeries are in major expansion mode with great business opportunities available Australia wide.

The well-known Tasmanian business, Banjo’s Bakery Cafes is are expanding in 2017/18, with new Drive Thru stores opening in Tasmania, Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.

Established in 1984 Banjo’s Bakery Cafes currently has thirty-nine stores in Tasmania, Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland, with plans for forty new stores which include a Drive Thru stores model announced today.

Currently in Australia, people are looking for more convenient, healthier more convenient food options that are freshly made, food with local ingredients and the Banjo’s stores nationwide have experienced strong growth in recent years on the back of that trend.

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Caffeine boost to help charity's good deeds

May 31, 2017

Every large coffee Banjo’s sold during May has paid off for suicide prevention charity SPEAK UP! Stay ChatTY.  The charity received 50 cents from each of the tens of thousands cups of coffee Banjo’s sold nationwide.

Banjo’s Bakery Cafe managing director Jessica Saxby yesterday presented a cheque for $28,899.50 to Mitch McPherson, who founded the charity after his younger brother Ty took his own life.  Ms Saxby said she expected more than $30,000 will be donated once the final figure from the fundraiser is tallied.  Banjo’s franchises as far afield as Mildura in Victoria and Maroochydore in Queensland took part.  “We’ve known Mitch for a long time now – it’s great to get out there and spread the message.” Ms Saxby said  Mr McPherson said the total raised this year was at least $4,000 more than last year.  The money will go towards a program in which he speaks to Year 9 students about his experience with suicide.  “The feedback I’ve got from the school stuff is great – lots of kids can relate to it,” he said.

Coffee lovers can drink up for a cause

May 1, 2017

Coffee lovers can get their caffeine fix while also raising funds for suicide prevention in Banjo’s Bakery Cafes around the country this month.

SPEAK UP Stay ChatTY and Banjo’s have teamed up once again during the month of May, with 50 cents from every large coffee sold going to the local charity.

Founder Mitch McPherson said a similar arrangement last year raised more than $27,000.

“Not only does it raise much needed funds to help continue our work in suicide prevention, it also spreads the word throughout four states”

“The message is being spread to regional Australia, in locations that have a need for  awareness, but are normally difficult to reach.”

The funds raised will be used to help run community events as well as presentations to organisations and schools.

Mr McPherson has given more than 500 presentations throughout Australia, raising awareness for suicide prevention following the death of his younger brother Ty in 2013.

“We deliver messages on where to find help if it’s needed, listening to those who need it, and how we can all help each other out in tough times.”

Watoto Children's Choir

July 22, 2017

Banjo’s Bakery Cafe was lucky enough to meet the wonderful children and people of the Watoto Children’s Choir on their recent visit to Hobart, Tasmania in July 2016. Banjo’s Hobart provided them with a wholesome Breakfast to help keep up their strength during their tour.

Watoto Children’s Choirs have travelled extensively since 1994, sharing a message of hope for Africa’s orphans and widows. To date, the choir has toured six continents and performed to enthralled audiences in schools, retirement homes, churches, parliaments, state houses and royal palaces.

The Watoto Children’s Choir is a unique ‘reaching out’ tool. Reach people in your organisation, community or church. Address issues of global significance and fuel your missions or outreach program to care for the orphan and widow.

Each child in the Watoto Children’s Choir has suffered the loss of one or both parents and now lives in a Watoto village. The experience of travelling on a choir helps the children to develop confidence and boldness, as well as broadening their worldview.

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Give Me 5 For Kids 2016

31 May 2016

It’s on… the HUON VALLEY vs the DERWENT VALLEY fundraising for Give Me 5 For Kids!

Dave and Kylie from Heart 107.3 will be broadcasting live from Banjo’s Huonville this Thursday 2nd June between 6-9am and would like your help to raise funds for this great cause. Drop in and say ‘Hi!’ and show your support and the generosity of the Huon Valley community.

In 2 weeks time Dave and Kylie will be doing the same from Banjo’s New Norfolk for Derwent Valley residents to take up the challenge!

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