Lunchbox tips & tricks

Pack lunches with your kids

Encourage your children to be a part of the lunch box process, so that they learn good habits from the very beginning. Take your children to the supermarket and let them help choose fruits and vegetables for their lunch box.  Get them to prepare and pack some of the food with you. If they’re really little, let their little fingers add the grapes and other fruits into their own lunch box, while you concentrate on packing the sandwiches and other food.

Avoid processed foods

It’s so easy to fall into bad habits and go with processed foods when it comes to feeding your kids at school. Don’t fall into this trap, take the time and get into a routine of making healthy lunches for your kids. Your kids are growing and constantly on the go and they need real whole food that is fresh and nutrient dense.

Don’t pack the same thing

Kids can easily get bored with lunch, especially if the same food is packed week after week, so give the kids some variety!

Make extra food at dinner time

If you’re making food for dinners like quiche or other food that could work in your children’s lunch boxes, make more and save yourself the hassle of making morning sandwiches by packing some leftovers instead. It’s also good to meal plan for dinner and lunch together, so you can cross over and see where you can save yourself more time.

Keep your kids hydrated

Always remember to pack their drink bottles every day. Freezing the water bottle can also act as an ice brick, providing further coolness and helping to keep their lunch fresher for longer.  Avoid sweetened drinks as they contain too much sugar which isn’t good for teeth!

Encourage healthy eating

Encouraging your children to eat well and to eat all their lunch is a great way to teach them good eating habits. Have a star system, where they get a star for every item they eat out of their lunch box, and once they reach a certain number, they get a special gift or treat. Try and make the school lunch box a happy experience for them!!!

Explain the nutritional benefits of each food group and which foods belong to each group e.g. Breads & Cereals provide your body with carbohydrates which gives your brain and body energy to learn and play!

IMPORTANT: Remember to practice what you preach and eat healthy too! Get the whole family involved!

Create a weekly lunch box meal plan

Stay on top of your kid’s lunches by creating a weekly lunch box meal plan, so that you have time to make healthy school snacks for them and avoid all the nasty junk food and processed food that so many children eat these days. Remember, just a little bit of organising in advance, and you will become the organised school mum you crave to be!

Make sure the lunch box is age-appropriate

It’s really easy to buy the wrong kind of lunch box for your kids. We tend to forget that little fingers can find it difficult to open some lunch box compartments, so always consider whether your kiddies will be able to open and navigate their lunch box properly.

Look after the environment

Put sandwiches and other items in reusable containers. This uses less packaging and creates less rubbish.

Have a lunch box picnic with your child before they begin school

A great way to get your kids used to the lunch box idea is to have a picnic to try it out. This is a really good idea with prep kiddies who have never had to navigate around a lunch box before. Make it exciting for them, so that they’re ready to go on the first day of school.

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