Our Bio-Cup Story

Our NEW takeaway coffee cups and lids are recyclable and decomposable!

Both are made with BioPBS™ which is derived from natural resources and in ambient conditions (30?C) they decompose into biomass, carbon dioxide and water. The time taken for complete decomposition in cooler locations e.g. Tasmania will be slower than warmer areas.

Since our new cups and lids are made with BioPBS™ they can be disposed of along with general waste i.e. they can be thrown out in the regular rubbish as they will decompose at your local waste centre.


Here’s what happens after Banjo’s takeaway Bio coffee cups and lids are placed in the bin:


As per normal, your regular rubbish is collected and taken to your local waste management centre.

The centre processes the rubbish and it eventually arrives on the open-air landfill.

The cups and lids work their magic and decompose, returning to nature as biomass, carbon dioxide and water.

Plants can now grow in the biomass and worms can enjoy the nutrients in the soil produced!


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