Healthy Lunch box fact sheets & activities

Lunch boxes can be filled with so much more than just nutritious meals, healthy food, fruit and vegetables. They can be used for fun facts, messages and games to make healthy eating more fun!

Here are some helpful healthy lunch box fact sheets and fun activities that are free for you to use!

Fact Sheets

Pick’n’Mix – Build a healthy lunch box with ease!

What are the 5 food groups?

Lunch Box Notes

Pack a smile along with your child’s lunch with these easy, creative note ideas.

Pack a Joke

Tickle your child’s funny bone by sending along a kid-friendly joke. The cornier, the better!

Pack a Riddle

Even though it will engage the brain, working out the answer to an enigmatic riddle won’t seem like extra homework.

Example: What question can a person ask all day long, getting a different answer each time, yet all the answers are correct? Answer: What time is it?

Pack a Puzzle

For more midday mind-stretchers, pack a small puzzle, like word finds, crosswords, sudoku, etc. For an easy way to include these in a lunchbox, buy books at the dollar store and tear out the pages.

Pack a Clue

Enclose a tiny clue or symbol indicating that day’s after-school activity. For example, include a tiny toy soccer ball if it’s the first day of soccer practice.

Pack a Photo

Slip a picture into your child’s lunchbox that will remind him or her of the past weekend’s fun activities, or just enclose a goofy, candid shot taken during everyday family time around the house.

Pack a Coupon

Surprise your child with a hand-written coupon good for a special treat. Pick something you know your child will love, whether it’s an after-school visit to Banjo’s, a trip to the library, playground, or choosing a tiny (under five dollars) toy from the store.

Pack a Compliment

Encourage your child with a thoughtful, creative compliment. Whether it’s “You’re super at sharing,” “You take great care of (insert name of pet here),” or “You’re a really kind brother,” it’s a boost to get this kind of good parental feedback—especially when it’s least expected, like at lunch.

Pack a Trivia Question

You don’t have to leave older siblings out of the note game. For kids who are playing it cool, simply slip in some fun facts or trivia related to his or her interests, whether it’s outer space, a favourite book series, or the pop band of the moment.

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