Lunch Box Blitz

At Banjo’s we believe it is important to eat a balanced diet and foods made from natural ingredients wherever possible.

Children eat roughly one-third of their daily food intake during school hours, the contents of lunchboxes have a significant impact on their overall health and ability to learn in the classroom.

The ideal lunch box contains items from each food group, is colourful and has food low in fat, sugar and salt – plus water to drink. This is vital for good growth, development and the prevention of illness.  Good nutrition also improves concentration and learning whereas processed foods, which tend to be higher in fat, sugar and salts and lower in health properties often leave children feeling sluggish, irritable and unable to concentrate.

Also, sticky snacks, or those that are kept in the mouth for longer periods of time, increase the risk of decay compared with foods that are swallowed quickly. Sugary drinks and juices do too, so it’s best to only offer water.

Packing the right foods in lunchboxes every day is important because they act as a fuel for children to get through the school day without bombing out early.

What’s more, a lunch box that is packed with energy-dense foods – such as cakes, biscuits and crisps – usually results in children filling up on those foods and not having room left for foods with enough essential nutrients.

At Banjo’s, we aim to support the fantastic work being done by schools and families to improve the quality of food our children consume at school by providing useful information that:

ONE: Simplifies the concept of a ‘healthy lunch box’

TWO: Makes it easier for families to maintain nutritious lunch boxes and save valuable time

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