ViP Terms & Conditions


These terms and conditions apply to your access to, and participation in the Banjo’s ViP Loyalty Club membership program (Program) which is operated by Banjo’s Corporation Australia Pty Ltd (Banjo’s). For the avoidance of doubt, these terms and conditions apply to both the Banjo’s ViP Loyalty Club membership card (Banjo’s ViP Card) and the Banjo’s mobile application (Banjo’s mobile app). By providing your details and verifying your email account, mobile number and/or using your Banjo’s membership card and/or by downloading and/or using the Banjo’s mobile app, you agree to these terms and conditions and to any changes or modifications made to them from time to time.


Anyone can become Banjo’s ViP Club member (Member) by;

  • Downloading the Banjo’s mobile app and following the prompts to register and activate the app.
  • Collecting a Banjo’s ViP Card from any Banjo’s Bakery Café store, registering their details on the Banjo’s website and then activating their Banjo’s ViP Card.

Only a verified member can redeem Banjo’s ViP Club Membership Points (Points). To become a verified member, you must verify your email address by clicking on the email sent to you. Once the member has been verified, a Banjo’s ViP Club account (Account) will be created for the Member.

Members who join by collecting a Banjo’s ViP Card, registering and activating the card, are also able to activate their membership via the Banjo’s mobile app during the App sign up process. Members are then able to use the virtual card on the Banjo’s mobile app or their physical Banjo’s ViP.

Banjo’s ViP Cards are issued by and remain the property of Banjo’s Corporation.

There is a strict limit of one account per person. Each account requires an independent email address and mobile phone number that both need to be verified. A member’s account may only be used by the verified member. Multiple individuals cannot share one member’s points.

Please read the Banjo’s Privacy Policy carefully to understand how Banjo’s collects, uses and discloses information about its customers and members.


a. i) Points can be earned in-store at the point of purchase provided that the Banjo’s ViP Card or Banjo’s mobile app barcode associated with a verified Account is scanned at the time of purchase.

a. ii) Alternatively, points will automatically be earned on eligible in-App purchases providing the member is signed into the app at the time.

b. Members cannot claim points from prior transactions or receipts where they have not scanned their card at the time.

c. Points are earned as follows: for every $1 you spend at Banjo’s; you will earn 5% back from eligible purchases.

d. Points do not accrue on the following Banjo’s products and already discounted deals:

  • Platters
  • Cold Drinks
  • Newspapers
  • Value Discount Bundle Deals e.g. 3 Small Hot Savoury Deal or Mega Family Feast Box Deal

e. Points and rewards under the Program cannot be exchanged for cash and are not transferable or refundable. Points accrued in multiple accounts cannot be combined.

f. Points cannot be earned in conjunction with any other offer or discount.

g. Members can check their points balance at any time through their Banjo’s mobile app or by logging into their account on the Banjo’s website

h. When redeeming points in-store at any Banjo’s Bakery Café, members must have sufficient points to redeem against the full value of a product(s) using points alone. Members cannot use points to pay for part of a product, points must cover the entire cost of the item to redeem. Banjo’s ViP membership benefits and discounts are available, and points are redeemed by presenting a valid Banjo’s ViP Card or by scanning the Banjo’s mobile app barcode associated with a verified account at the time of purchase.

i.  When redeeming points during in-App ordering, members are required to have enough points to redeem against the full value of the entire order using points alone. The option to use points to pay for an in-App order will only be available when sufficient points exist on the members account.


a. From 1 October 2020, eligible Members are entitled to one complimentary Banjo’s Sweet product as specified. Products included are subject to availability. Redeemable at any Banjo’s store (in-store only).

b. To be eligible members must have signed up to the Banjo’s ViP Club via the Banjo’s mobile app or the Banjo’s website and successfully verified their email and mobile number.

c. Eligible members will be sent an email with a unique barcode for their complimentary birthday bonus offer. The email will be sent out 14 days before a member’s date of birth and remain valid until 14 days after the members date of birth. Members who have signed up to the Banjo’s mobile app can also access their ViP Birthday Bonus barcode in- app under MY OFFERS.

d. The ViP Birthday Bonus is redeemable in-store only. It is not redeemable when ordering via the Banjo’s mobile app. The offer barcode must be presented and scanned in store to redeem.

d. This offer cannot be redeemed outside of the above period, regardless of circumstances beyond the members’ control, including but not limited to Banjo’s closure, public holidays etc.

e. The complimentary ViP Birthday Bonus is non-transferable and cannot be exchanged or taken as cash. Banjo’s takes no responsibility for incorrect dates being entered during the registration process.

f. If a verified member joins the Banjo’s ViP Club within the 14 days prior to their birthday, their ViP Birthday Bonus will still be rewarded following verification.

g. The ViP Birthday Bonus offer can only be redeemed once a year during the 4-week period specified.

h. To be eligible to receive the complimentary ViP Birthday Bonus, the member must opt-in to receive marketing materials from Banjo’s. Members are automatically marked as opt-in when signing up to Banjo’s ViP Loyalty Club. Members can elect to opt-out during sign up by unticking the opt-in box. Members can opt-out at any time via the unsubscribe link found on every email communication sent out by Banjo’s Bakery Café. Once opt-out members must contact Banjo’s Head Office to amend their status – or 03 6210 5000 (the Banjo’s Service Desk is open 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday).


a. Banjo’s accepts no responsibility for the loss, theft or destruction of a member’s Banjo’s ViP Card.

b. If a card is lost, stolen or damaged, members can collect a replacement ViP Card from any Banjo’s store.

c. Details and points from the lost/stolen/damaged card can be transferred to the new card. To transfer the points, members must login to their account via the Banjo’s website and update their ViP Membership number and verification code. Alternatively, the member can contact Banjo’s with their card replacement request. While Banjo’s will make every effort to ensure that the full Points balance is transferred to the new card, Banjo’s will not be responsible for any points lost prior to the transfer.


Banjo’s ViP Club Members are responsible for ensuring that their details are correct at all times. It is each member’s responsibility to ensure that the correct number of points have been added or deducted for each eligible transaction.


a. Banjo’s reserves the right to communicate with members, who have opted in to receive marketing material, to inform them of any upcoming marketing activities/promotions and/or offers.

b. Information collected from ViP members at the time of joining the program is subject to Banjo’s Privacy Policy. Banjo’s collects personal information from its members in order to conduct the program and may, for this purpose, disclose such information to third parties, including but not limited to agents, contractors and service providers. Banjo’s may, for an indefinite period, unless otherwise advised, use the information for promotional, marketing, publicity and research purposes including telephoning the member or sending messages. Please see the Banjo’s Privacy Policy for further details.


a. Reproduction of a Banjo’s membership card in any form is strictly prohibited. Your points, benefits, registered Banjo’s ViP Card and your account are personal to you, and except as expressly permitted under these terms and conditions or the rules of a promotional program, may not be sold, transferred or assigned to, or shared with family, friends or others.

b. Banjo’s reserves the right to terminate your account/membership and/or your participation in the program if Banjo’s determines in its sole discretion that you have violated these terms and conditions or that the use of your account is unauthorised, fraudulent or otherwise unlawful.

c. Banjo’s reserves the right to change or modify these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. Any changes or modifications will be effective immediately upon posting the revisions and you waive any right you may have to receive specific notice of such changes or modifications.

This Banjo’s ViP Loyalty Club page is intended to provide a general overview of activities of your Banjo’s ViP Club account and is made available to the public for reference and informational purposes exclusively. Banjo’s has used its reasonable efforts to provide current, complete and error-free information, but makes no representations nor gives any warranty as to the currency, completeness, accuracy or correctness of any of the information contained herein.